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Medical tourism

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Medical tourism in Russia

Federal project " Development of export of medical services"

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In accordance with the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of June 6, 2020. No. 1511-r item 2 of the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of March 27, 2020 No. 763-r a foreign citizen entering the Russian Federation for the purpose of treatment must present valid documents proving his identity and recognized by the Russian Federation in this capacity, and visas or visa-free in cases provided for by international treaties of the Russian Federation, as well as documents (copies of documents) issued by a medical organization confirming an invitation to treatment, indicating the time of treatment, or documents (copies of documents).), issued by the Ministry of Health of Russia. For more information, see the information memo.

The Kovrov Multidisciplinary City Hospital No. 1 dates back to the 19th century, or rather to 1812. Currently, the hospital is headed by the Chief Doctor - Plakunov Alexander Yuryevich.

All employees of our hospital - from administrative staff to highly qualified specialists in various fields of medicine-make every effort to ensure that our patients receive timely and high-quality medical care.

Despite the existing difficulties, our hospital continues to improve all aspects of its medical activities: new services are offered, the most advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases are introduced.

At the same time, our main task is to help patients maintain good health throughout their lives. Prevention of diseases and promotion of a healthy lifestyle are among the priority areas of our work.

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state Budgetary Healthcare Institution of the Vladimir Region "Kovrov Multidisciplinary City Hospital No. 1"